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Lift Tables


Thanks to high quality components, modern production techniques and accurate final tests, Bolzoni Auramo lift tables offer a superior quality and reliability, longlife and operator safety.

Focus on
Bolzoni Auramo Lift Tables: improved safety and comfort with increased productivity
Ergonomics is applied today across the world in all industry sectors, and it is one of the key drivers in the development of innovation processes, new products, services and solutions.
In the material-handling world, manual handling of loads may expose operators to efforts, awkward postures and repetitive motions. ...continue
Application Cases
  • Ergonomic working station
  • Feeding of processing machinery (in wood, plastic, glass, steel, ceramic)
  • Conveyor system, packaging system
  • Loading bay
  • Loading and unloading pallets for aircraft
  • Connection between different stages
Quality & Safety
The Bolzoni Auramo lift tables grant load handling, fully in compliance with the European standards concerning the safety and health of the operators. One of our main goals is to provide the highest quality possible for products introduced on the market. In 1991 the concepts and standards of “total quality” were introduced and in 1994 Bolzoni Auramo received the ISO 9001 certification. ...continue