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Bolzoni Auramo partner in AGVs applications

Bolzoni Auramo partner in AGVs applications

In the world of logistics, goods handling time and resources represent a significant part of the total product cost. In the last years the material handling specialists have focused their attention on the reduction of the handling tasks by using suitable equipments that enhances or automates transport, saves time, worker effort, costs and minimizes risk of damages.

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), are fully automatic transport systems using unmanned vehicles. AGVs safely transport all kinds of products without human intervention within production, logistic, warehouse and distribution environments. They are employed in nearly every industry including paper and pulp, cars, electronics, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, plastics, metals and general manufacturing.

This is the playground for lift truck attachment manufacturer Bolzoni Auramo, proposing paper roll clamps, multiple pallet handlers, carton clamps, clamps for foam rubber blocks, fork positioners, three-laterals etc. suitable for AGVs applications. In strict cooperation with main AGVs OEM producers, Bolzoni Auramo has developed a range of attachments equipped with specific sensors controlled and managed directly by the AGV system control unit.

Paper roll clamp for AGVs applications is one of the most popular solutions offered. Efficient paper roll handling with built in damage prevention is a prime guideline for all Bolzoni Auramo designed paper roll clamps. Bolzoni Auramo AGV paper roll clamp range is developed to fulfill all high demands that AGV applications requires. Precision in mechanical movements and a rigid construction for many handling cycles during a long lifetime are always built as standard in this range. Readymade applications are available for vertical and horizontal paper roll handling. As well for large diameter tissue roll handling.

Bolzoni Auramo is a market leader in the production of forklift truck attachments, lift tables and forks. The company has manufacturing plants in Italy, Germany, Finland, America and China and through its network of direct branches and independent dealers covering all continents it is able to satisfy all market requirements.