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Our Solutions for AGV Applications

AGV - Automated Guided Vehicles, are customized, fully-automated, driverless vehicles for continuous 24/7 operation, capable of transporting pallets, boxes, reels and other products throughout the warehouse and production plants.
Automated solutions applied to material handling world are continuously evolving.

Automated Guided Vehicles are included in this change and represent the new challenge for forklift truck and attachment manufacturers today. In strict cooperation with main AGVs producers, Bolzoni has developed a range of attachments equipped with specific sensors controlled and managed directly by the AGV control unit.

Paper Roll handling
AGV Customized Attachments

We focus on new technologies and we currently cooperate in developing, designing and manufacturing special handling attachments for AGV applications. Our products can be hydraulically as well as electrically operated. We can provide products equipped with full set of sensors, as per customer specifications, or with an agreed pre-setting to accept customer’s own sensors and cabling.

Paper Roll handling

We use to closely cooperate with our customer Engineers in order to deliver the right product fit for purpose. Our range covers applications in the industries of paper, tobacco, food and beverage, automotive, home appliances, logistic and many others. We have developed as well a specific attachment for very narrow aisle applications.