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Our solutions for paper roll handling

Specialistic know-how on attachments for forest products handling is provided to paper industry and to many transport, shipping and logistics companies all around the world, through the widest range of attachments, models, capacities and options...

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Paper damage prevention

With modern attachments and accessories, a lift truck can provide highcapacity, non-damaging handling of forest products.
Various kinds of handling problems cause a significant part of the paper roll damage, all too common in today’s paper transport. Typical handling damage includes various forms of side, corner and end damage to the paper roll and its wrapper.

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Intelligent control of clamping force

Excessive clamping force is one of the most common reasons for paper roll out-of-roundness damage.
With varying paper grades, roll widths, weights and diameters, the clamping force control task may become overwhelming for the lift truck operator. Bolzoni Auramo CTX G3 paper roll clamps are the ideal solution.
CTX G3 is an automatic clamping force control system for paper roll clamps. It uses optimized, lowest possible clamping force for all handling situations and paper grades. The system minimizes the possibility of paper roll out-of-roundness caused by excessive clamping force.
Intelligent clamps automate the clamping force control and apply the least possible clamping force to the paper roll.

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Different types of handling pads

Regardless of your paper and wrapper type - the right pad is always available
Contact pads are the most important part of the clamp attachment. In most normal handling situations, the pads are the only parts of the clamp which are in contact with the paper roll. Therefore, Bolzoni Auramo has paid special attention in designing and manufacturing contact pads which will ensure safe and non-damaging roll handling.
All Bolzoni Auramo contact pads share the following properties in common:

  • Large supply of standard and special friction surfaces to meet the demands of varying handling practices and changing paper and wrapper types.
  • Thin pad design. The minimized pad thickness ensures good knifing properties when handling tightly stacked rolls.
  • Well-rounded, smooth pad profile and safe finish. The pads have no protruding parts or edges to damage the adjacent paper rolls.