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White Goods Industry

A wide range of carton and appliances clamps is developed for safe and damage-free palletless handling of white goods and high-volume carton boxes in appliance and electronics, warehousing and beverage industries...

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Home Appliances Damage Prevention Systems

In the white goods industry the handling problems caused by the use of incorrect clamping force can create serious risks of products damaging: insufficient pressure results in the product being dropped, while too much pressure can crush or damage the package and its content.
Bolzoni Auramo integrates standard carton clamp technical features with the most advanced technology in hydraulics, electronics and laser sensors for clamping force controlling.

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Appliance Handling Tutorial

Given the considerable value of the goods handled, besides the wide range of tools to allow a damage-free handling, BOLZONI released a 3D video tutorial to support forklift operators and warehouse managers.
Discover best practices for the correct use of the equipment / forklift assembly, in various handling situations.

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The right pad coating for every load

Contact pads are the most important part of the clamp attachment. In most normal handling situations, the pads are the only parts of the clamp which actually are in contact with the packaging.
Therefore, Bolzoni has paid special attention in designing and manufacturing contact pads which will ensure a safe and non-damaging white goods handling.

Point Clamping Force Tester

Bolzoni Auramo, as primary expert of the industry sector, with 75 years experience and know-how of the specific handling procedures in white goods, enlarges its proposal with a complete service back up and check for correct clamp configuration. Bolzoni Auramo 4 Point clamping force tester - based on load cell technology - is able to measure the single force acting on each point, to calculate the total clamping force developed on the whole pad surface and to detail the exact percentage of force acting on each point.
The device can be adapted to various pad dimensions as the positions of the measuring points are adjustable. The user friendly LCD interface of Bolzoni Auramo 4-Point tester allows the saving of the current values and the acquisition of all the data on a USB memory stick.