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Gentle handling for valuable paper rolls

Gentle handling for valuable paper rolls

Lift truck attachment manufacturer Bolzoni Auramo has complete range of clamps for damage free handling. Among the full range, there are the LA-6 series of multiple paper roll clamps, high visibility tower clamps particularly suitable for heavy duty multiple vertical handling in paper mills and stevedoring.

Damage free handling has always been our goal when developing new paper roll clamps. Roll widths and weights are increasing and our customers need to have more flexible clamp when handling both new big size rolls together with smaller size ones.

To reduce risks for paper damages Bolzoni Auramo offers its latest option, the Hydraulic Adjustable Height suitable for all tower clamps. Both for single as for double handling of rolls.

This option allows the driver to easily adjust the height of clamp to fit rolls to be handled. The advantage is a secure grip on all rolls together with reduced risk to damage edges on paper rolls.

Photos below shows clamps flexibility to adjust according to handled combinations and sizes of paper rolls.

We all know that paper rolls are weaker and most sensitive for damages when clamping on or near to the roll edges. That's one of the reasons why we always recommend split arm clamps.
The optimal solution is to have one contact pad on each paper roll to give a secure grip and to have clamping force on each paper roll to be handled.

When handling with Bolzoni Auramo tower clamp with adjustable top arms, height of clamp can be adjusted according to the number of paper rolls and roll width.

This is our way to avoid costly damages on paper rolls such as out of roundness and edge damages.

Example of wrong position of pad over the edge
of paper roll, causing impact and out of roundness

A further option on our LA series of tower clamps with adjustable height is the intelligent CTX fully automatic clamping force control system for paper roll clamps. It uses optimized, lowest possible clamping force for all situations and paper grades. The system minimizes the possibility of paper roll out-of-roundness.

CTX control uses proven technical solutions combined with advanced electronics for controlling and optimizing the paper roll clamp operations. The lift truck operator does not need to pre-select any operation parameters or change the clamping force settings when handling the loads. From the handling point of view the intelligent clamp operates the same way as any conventional clamp. The lift truck operator has full control of the arm opening and closing functions.

The clamping force in our Tower clamps can easily be controlled with Bolzoni Auramo Test Pad, an electronic clamping force measuring device. Low weight and easy to handle, this option allows to check the efficient clamping force for each contact pad on a digital display.